One of outstanding destination to attract the tourists in Tay Ninh is Cao Dai Holy See where is the workship place of a religion originated from our country with unique architech and a monumental art works with the harmonious combination of the national architecture and the Western architecture to have both the magnificent apprearance of the Western architecture and the mysterious appearance of Oriental architecture.


Tay Ninh Holy See from above.

The Holy See was built since 1933 and officially inaugurated in 1955. The Holy See is located in an area of 1km2 and about 5km away from Tay Ninh city to the East. Visiting this place, the tourists can enjoy the unique architecture of the Holy See – the holy land of Cao Dai Tay Ninh Religion.

Annually on the occasion of Duc Chi Ton Birthday Anniversary on Lunar January 9th and Hoi Yen Dieu tri Cung Festival on Lunar August 15th, this place display and performs many unique traditional art types such as the Four Supernatural Creatures Dances and Dragon Dance, product dislay, Chha-dam drum performance, traditional music instrument performances and especially the tourists can enjoy the vegetarian dishes processed and decorated in an unique way etc. In addition, the daily religious activities with worshipping rituals are aslo an unique feature at Cao Dai Holy See which attracts many international tourists.