Featuring Platin Ballroom with capacity of 500 guests, luxurious & sophisticated design, we provide professional services for your events, conferences, weddings, and etc…

With unique ideas and flexibility in choosing decorating materials, combining with the creativity of the event team, wedding party holding at SUNRISE Hotel will definitely be the perfect place marking the lifetime happiness of new couples.

SUNRISE HOTEL will be an ideal place to organize outdoor weddings. Located in a favorable position, with the spacious & airy swimming pool area, or from the rooftop of Diamond block (6th floor), the windy 9th floor of Ruby block you can see the whole city view at night, we ensure it will be an amazing experience for your new party style and definitely impress & satisfy all your guests.

Please contact us for more information and book events – meetings:
Tel: (0276) 3.714.714 – (0276) 3.741.741 | Hotline: 0911.181.714 – 0914.781.714
Email: customerservice@sunrisehotel.com.vn